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Eli Elijah Logan Longview Tx
Kait taught me five ways to write emails that sell. And she doesn’t even know it.
Kait was the sales rep with a company that had approached me about purchasing their lead-tracking service. Kait’s emails were personable, informative, and best of all, effective: between a couple of conference calls and her email communications, she closed the deal with me in one week. And im a notoriously tough sell.
So, where was the magic word in all of her emails? The one that made us putty in her hands? I was determined to find it. I never did.
Because it doesn’t exist. Her emails were a perfect balance of setting the pace without being aggressive, and positioning herself as an expert without sounding like a condescending a-hole. Most importantly: she effectively communicated her role as a problem-solver, instead of acting like a salesperson.
Here’s how she did it and you can too:
By including rapport in your opening paragraph after the first conversation.
The \"first conversation\" point is important here. \"I hope you’re having a good week\" to a cold prospect sounds insincere and wastes valuable visibility real estate on mobile devices.
Every email, regardless of placement in the sales cycle, included names. If not in the greeting, then in the copy. Personalize every message.
She ditched stuffy formality while still conveying expertise: Are you clinging to perfect grammar and style? Hold on loosely. Extremely informal Elijah Logan Longview Tx speech, that in cases is stylistically and grammatically incorrect, is just a blip on the radar when surrounded by specific terms and solution-based statements. Write the way you talk, keep sentences short, start sentences with ‘and.’
She chose a simple phrase that accurately depicted her service’s benefit and never lost it. \"Help you guys make money\" and \"help you guys capture more sales\" were two very memorable ones. Include the benefit, where it makes sense, in every email you send.
She used \"if\" in the beginning of closes to let us know that we weren’t going to get steamrolled. But she never got lazy with it and started using phrases like \"if you’re interested.\" The key is to be specific and value-focused: \"…if you would like to save money and increase sales...\", \"…if you would like to compare providers for one investment…\"
These small changes can transform the way you communicate with prospects through email, give you the power to control Eli Logan Longview Tx the pace of the sales cycle, and make your emails a powerful tool towards increasing sales.
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